Buck Outdoors “Sideswipe” Camo Sling Backpack

$54.99 $44.95

Buck Outdoors “Sideswipe” Camo Sling Backpack. Access your gear with a quick twist using the Buck Knives “Sideswipe” Camo Sling Backpack. The Sideswipe is a versatile shoulder bag designed to give you freedom while you carry. The bag features two front pockets, with an interior pocket made for your phone or MP3 player. The earphone port at the top allows you to connect directly to your protected phone or MP3 player and jam out on the move. The padded shoulder straps make sure you’ll always be comfortable. The built-in Knife Scabbard on the shoulder straps keeps your Buck Knife close at hand for whenever you need it.

Measures 20″ x 12 1/2″ and is 7″ deep.


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